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BTMI & WELFARE ASSOCIATION is an Indian non-government organisation (NGO), regarded as one of the most influential institutions working for poor children in India. Over more than three years, we have been doing to strengthen the capacity of deprived children to improve their health, nutrition, education and protection conditions. Distilling international and national experience, we seek to learn from the poor to improve our interventions in under-serviced rural and urban areas. We aim at strengthening local governance processes that give marginalised and poor communities a voice and influence national policy. We adopt a human rights-based approach in our programmes, fostering partnerships for local development among communities, service providers and elected representatives.

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Who we are

BTMI & ASSOCIATION’s overarching aim is to enable poor people and children to take control of their lives and have a share in Educational development. We are active in deprived communities, both in villages and low-income urban settlements. We seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Our initial focus on education and child protection. Our method is to convergesectoral interventions at the level of the family and the community. We adopt a human rights-based approach in strengthening local governance actors, such as Rural Panchayat Institutions and Urban Local Bodies, service providers, such a health personnel and teachers, and adult and child community representatives, to use available resources and identify local solutions. Our programmes span project development and implementation, evaluation,establish,smart,aidrun,drop out child labour schools ,study,cultivate and demonstrate art of games,music,promote and encourage advancement of literary, training and capacity development, to serve marginalised communities and contribute to government policy and programmes.

Who we work with

BTMI & ASSOCIATION sees its role as a facilitator in fostering partnerships around 2000 Members. We seek to achieve development and social justice by fostering alliances among key governance actors to increase access to quality basic services, fulfill fundamental rights and involve voiceless communities in decision-making processes. Building partnerships is core to our way of working with women and children. In particular, we collaborate with community-based organisations, local elected representatives, service providers, children and youth groups.

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