Join Us


Guardians of all the students are notified that we’ve formed THE BENGAL GRAMIN ISTITUTE for the overall educational development of the students of class I –IV.

We,with the helpof B.T.M.I & WELFARE ASSOCIATION,have organized an assessment based education,keeping in mind the new generation students.

This assessment will help the students indentify their week sides and work on it to stay pressurefree in future.

According to the guidelines of WBBSE,there will be proficient (experienced) teachers of B.T.M.I & WELFARE ASSOCIATION.Our survey reflects that the poor indigent students can not afford subject based education from proficient teachers.Thus,THE BENGAL GRAMIN INSTITUTE is our exertion (effort) to tackle this problem towards a better future.

So,we request all the students of your school to come forward and join by B.T.M.I & WELFARE ASSOCIATION.

Co-operation from all is highly expected.

Teaching & Learning Related Rules.

  • 1.A village school to be established besids every W.B .Government regulated primary school.
  • 2.Headmasters/Headmistress of the village school has to provide his/her own land.
  • 3.There will be 4 teachers in total in each village school.
  • 4.The Village school will run in morning session .
  • 5.Only government syllabus will be taught therein.
  • 6.Students from class I-IV will be eligible for admission.
  • 7.Maximum capacity of each school is 140-200 students.
  • 8.Admission fee is Rs-100/-per head for all students need to pay their fees in office .
  • 9.Friday will be Holiday instead of Sunday(in village school).
  • 10.Mothly payment for Village school teachers will be around Rs(2000 – 10000).
  • 11.If any teacher of Village School violates any rule then He/She will be suspended from school.
  • 12.Educational Standard of the students need to be improved and special attention to be paid towards handwriting.
  • 13.Young men and women interested in teaching profession can apply for teacher’s job based on their qualification.
  • 14.Skill test will be taken each weak.
  • 15.As a fee for skill test Exam,students will be charged Rs10/- per head per weak.
  • 16.Result of skill test exam will be declared in Guardian – Teachers’ meet.
  • 17.Guardian – Teachers’ meet will be held on every Sunday.
  • 18.Income – Outcome and other calculations to be submitted to the District office on Mondays.
  • 19.All Teachers have to pay a monthly subscription fee.